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Romy Anderson


Romy Anderson
Managing Director

Romy was born and bred in Switzerland with a Swiss father and an Indian mother. This cross-cultural richness prompted her quite naturally towards travel and, after finishing her business studies degree, she roamed the world for a year before settling in Cape Town where she met her husband Bruce.

Over the last decade - through sheer persistence and passion - she has been a director in a photographic lighting rental company, which serviced the stills and film production industry; run a well-known photo studio; and helped establish the largest lighting rental company in South Africa.

Romy’s interests are family, triathlon, nature, fashion, property and, of course, every single home in the Location Gallery collection.


Theresa Williams


Theresa Williams
Location Co-Ordinator

Originally from Jo’burg, Theresa moved to Cape Town 17 years ago to pursue a lengthy career of educating South Africa’s youth.

Eventually leaving behind her a wealth of cherished memories as an educator, Theresa decided to pursue her keen interest in the more creative fields – which, serendipitously, lead her to Romy and Bruce.

The intervening years have seen Theresa in the position of photo studio manager and assistant co-ordinator, learning very quickly on the job. Focused specifically on advertising and marketing, Theresa discovered that she not only had the patience of a saint (see educator experience) but also an obsession with detail, a meticulous work ethic and a real talent for the artistic side of the background which she hopes to bring to bear in her work at Location Gallery.


More about Location Gallery

How we work.

We are a relationship based business and promote ourselves through a network of personal contacts.

Our aim.

To provide a seamless service for both production companies and location owners.

What can you expect from us?

  • We market and advertise the location extensively to all production companies, and through our website, are able to extend our market to a wide client base, internationally and locally.
  • We maintain an efficient booking process and an effective and professional handle on the affairs of the location before, during and after every shoot.
  • We interact on behalf of the location owner, in all dealings with the industry.
  • We guarantee personal commitment in negotiating industry-related prices for the location with the various production companies.
  • We maintain close relationships with production companies, and have many years of personal experience in the industry.
  • We ensure that comprehensive insurance cover is in place before the commencement of a shoot.
  • Location Gallery does not insist on exclusivity of properties onto our books.
  • We require no sign-up fee to administer and market the location, and all undertakings to promote the location to the industry, is done at our cost.
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